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2016 Los Angeles Rams Free Agency: Finding a Fit for Coty Sensabaugh

Where does the newest Ram fit in the secondary?

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

When news broke that the Rams had signed former Titans CB Coty Sensabaugh, it had a decidedly Fisher-esque feel to it. Here was another former Titan that Jeff Fisher and Les Snead were deciding to overpay - at a position of relative strength.

On one hand, I see the logic. The team is hedging their bets. There is no guarantee that EJ Gaines will return to the same level of play as his rookie year - when he essentially beat out Trumaine Johnson for his starting gig. Also, expecting a substantial jump from Lamarcus Joyner in year 3 seems foolish - but that's more a testament to the Rams inability to develop talent than Joyner's lack of ability.

On the other hand, the terms are somewhat confusing to me. Sensabaugh is a solid depth signing, but he's getting paid borderline starter money to relocate from Music City to The City of Angles. The 3-year deal is somewhat off-putting. While I haven't seen the full details of the deal yet, it could hamper the team's ability to retain Tavon Austin, Michael Brockers, and Alec Ogletree.

If you're aiming to determine value, finding the fit is essential. The logic of it is simple: everyone would love to pay $5M a year for a starter, but few teams want to pay $5M for a nickel CB. The Rams paid a premium to fortify a secondary that lost two of it's starters to free agency.

The reality of the situation likely lies somewhere in the middle. I expect Sensabaugh to challenge EJ Gaines for the starting spot opposite Tru and provide some of the high end depth the Rams have enjoyed in recent seasons.

But that depth is a double edged sword. It keeps youngsters like Joyner and Marcus Roberson buried on the depth chart - further stunting their development. It's an interesting development that could bleed over into the FS position by the time training camp rolls around.