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2016 NFL Free Agency: Q&A With Titans Writer On CB Coty Sensabaugh

Getting the inside info from Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles, the SB Nation community for Tennessee Titans fans.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Reports surfaced in recent hours that the Los Angeles Rams would be signing former Tennessee Titans Coty Sensabaugh, the fourth-year corner out of Clemson. With that effort underway, I linked up with Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles, the SB Nation community for Tennessee Titans fans, to see what he and Titans fans thought of Sensabaugh.

How would you define Sensabaugh's play? What kind of cornerback is he?

He is a nickel corner at best - and he honestly isn't very good at that. He has a lot of trouble locating the football.

What did he do to rise up the CB depth chart ladder throughout his time since the 2012 NFL Draft?

The term "smartest kid in summer school" applies here. The Titans have been terrible at corner for the last few years. Sensabaugh was the best of a bad group at times.

Why didn't you guys re-sign him? Are Titans fans all that upset about losing him?

The Titans didn't re-sign him because he just wasn't very good. He is a depth guy at best, and the Titans think they have found guys who can better fill that role.

Clearly the bottom line for the Titans is that Sensabaugh never established himself as a vital part of their long-term plans. The question is whether or not that was because of Sensabaugh's individual performances or something more indicative of a system issue with the Titans defense.

Clearly, the Rams think the issues plaguing Sensabaugh are related to the latter...and that they can help clean those up.

Thanks to Jimmy for the time.