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Los Angeles Rams Not Signing Free Agents Because They're Acting Like St. Louis Rams


Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams as a franchise have built up a reputation for a bit of dysfunction and malfeasance leading to less than impressive results.

That's not going to change with the franchise relocating to Los Angeles.

This morning, we've got news that the NFL Players Association is telling agents not to sign with the Rams because they're trying to load contracts incorporated into Missouri law.

From Pro Football Talk:

Per a league source, contracts being offered to new players state that the laws of Missouri, not California, control the relationship. The NFL Players Association has in turn instructed all certified contract agents to reject that term as "inappropriate."

Other language in the contract makes the purpose of this strategy clear. The Rams hope to nudge any workers’ compensation claims away from California and into Missouri.

And from Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News & host at The Beast 980 AM:

So yes. The Rams are trying to take advantage of the laws of Missouri before actually moving their headquarters out of state for good.

You could call it a savvy business play. Of course since the players' union has now told free agents' representation to reject signing with the might call it shady to a point beyond savvy and now self-defeating.

And in a perfect point of Rams irony...Rams COO and contract point man Kevin Demoff is in Austin at SXSW this afternoon to discuss "the intersection of personal ethics, fandom, and commerce in sports."

Need more irony? Rams Owner and architect of the franchise's move out of Missouri into California Stan Kroenke is speaking at the famous Sloan Analytics Conference today on the "Evolution of Ownership":

The Evolution of Ownership, will provide a behind the scenes look into how owners, senior executives, and partners in the league offices manage these impactful decisions to continue to grow the sport and improve the bottomline.

I'm sure it will.