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2016 NFL Free Agency: Los Angeles Rams Free Agency Roster Update

Things have slowed down as the markets heat up. Let's take stock of what's done and what's left.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles #Rams were without any final action on the free agent front yesterday, but let's just recap where things stand on signings:

Name POS Age FA status
Tim Barnes C 27 Re-signed with Rams
Mark Barron SS 26 Re-signed with Rams
William Hayes DE 30 Re-signed with Rams
Janoris Jenkins CB 27 Signed with Giants
Rodney McLeod FS 25 Signed with Eagles
Brian Quick WR 26 Re-signed with Rams
Cody Davis S 26 Re-signed with Rams
Brian Folkerts C 25 Re-signed with Rams
Eugene Sims DE 29 Re-signed with Rams

Clearly "Priority A" was a failure, but otherwise the Rams have held things together. No new purchases as of yet though. While that might upset fans looking for immediate gratification, note (a) how unsuccessful the Rams have been in Fa during Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher's tenure and (b) how poorly the results correlate to improvement in the NFL writ large.

Now to the remaining expired contracts:

Name POS Age FA status
Nick Fairley DT 27 UFA
Cory Harkey FB/TE 25 UFA
Wes Welker WR 34 UFA
Greg Zuerlein K 28 UFA
Daren Bates OLB 25 RFA, not tendered
Benny Cunningham RB 25 RFA, low tendered
Case Keenum QB 27 RFA, high tendered
Chase Reynolds RB 28 RFA, not tendered
Isaiah Battle OT 22 ERFA
Malcolm Brown RB 22 ERFA
Christian Bryant S 23 ERFA
Troy Hill CB 24 ERFA
Eric Kush OL 26 ERFA
Matt Longacre DE 24 ERFA
Eric Patterson CB 23 ERFA
Nick Toon WR 27 ERFA
Louis Trinca-Pasat DT 24 ERFA
Doug Worthington DL 28 ERFA

Some of the work at the bottom of the table may have already have been resolved and just unreported.

We know Benny visited the Patriots already, though he went un-signed.

Case Keenum got that first-round tender...he's not going anywhere. Doesn't sound like the Rams are all that interested in using FA to modify the QB depth chart anyway.

The real story now is going to be those top four UFAs and any remaining additional moves on the market.

Yesterday was a day for QB news with the Eagles trading Mark Sanchez to the Broncos, Johnny Manziel being released by the Browns and Robert Griffin III visiting the Jets who have grown "frustrated" in their talks with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

There's still plenty of work to come ahead of the 2016 NFL Draft...