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2016 NFL Free Agency: Cleveland Browns Release QB Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football is now officially a free agent. Will the Los Angeles Rams make a play for the troubled former star?

Andrew Weber/Getty Images

2016 NFL Free Agency

The 2016 NFL free agent market for quarterbacks is looking pretty thin.

Sam Bradford re-signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brock Osweiler went to the Houston Texans.

That left a slew of names either available or likely to be from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Robert Griffin III to Mark Sanchez. One name that continues to pop up despite his off-field concerns, major as they are? Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel.

Well...make that former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel as today he was released by the team:

We've covered the most recent items in the Johnny Football saga from being spotted in LA to reports of "as many as three teams" being interested in acquiring him.

And yes, it's worth noting not only because his presence in the Rams' new hometown should raise some eyebrows but also the team's former reported interest in him heading into the 2014 NFL Draft:

Stay tuned...