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Random Ramsdom 11 March: Free Agency Calms in Day 2

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Giants WR Accepts Pay Cut | AP

There were rumors he could be cut... so much for that.

Nice to know you always gave it your all JJ.

Former Rams QB Bill Wade Passes Away | Bleacher Report

The first overall pick of the 1952 draft won the NFL championship in 1963 with the Bears.

Benny Cunningham Visits New England | Providence Journal

NO! Don't go to the Dark Side BamBam

RG3 Wants to Play in LA | ESPN

I pray that the interest is mutual. Griffin > Anything the Rams have

Breaking Down Hayes' New Contract | ESPN

VERY reasonable terms for the Rams here.

Grading Day 1 of Free Agency | ESPN

At least the Rams didn't hamstring their future attempts to retain Ogletree, Tavon, and Brockers.

Replacing McLeod won't be Easy | ESPN

I'd argue that with continued solid play around the rest of the defense, he might be more replaceable than most think.

Could Fitz be in the Cards for the Rams? |

While there's little progress between Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets, you'd think if the Rams were interested, they'd be involved by now.

Ladarius Green to Pittsburgh |

The Rams targeted Mercades Lewis... I'm shocked they didn't look into Green.

Barron Signing Confuses PFF | Pro Football Focus

I'll disagree here. With Alec Ogletree moving to MIKE, Barron had leverage and the Rams had little choice but to pay the man.

Manziel > RG3 | Sporting News

Wait.... what?

5 Questions Worth Asking | Fansided

All obvious to even the casual fan.