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2016 NFL Free Agency: Report - Robert Griffin III "Very Much Wants" To Be A Los Angeles Ram

Crank up the rumor mill, friends.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It's the day of the QB rumor for the Los Angeles Rams, apparently.

Following some silliness on social media, the first real report was from, the online home of the Plain Dealer, that suggested that "as many as three" teams were interested in trading for QB Johnny Manziel.

Now, from Vinny Bonsignore, columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News & host at The Beast 980 AM, we've got a report on former Washington QB Robert Griffin III that suggests he "very much wants" to be a Ram:

Robert Griffin III "very much" wants to play for the Rams in Los Angeles, a source close to the situation indicated on Thursday.

The fit seems like a natural, although it comes with risk after RG3 lost his starting job with [Washington] and was ultimately released last week after four seasons in the nation’s capitol.

Now want ≠ it's happening. So we can pump the brakes on this a bit. Still, it's an interesting situation to have a free agent clamoring to play for the Rams in 2016.

The question is if the Rams "very much want" RGIII back.