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2016 NFL Free Agency: Johnny Manziel In LA, Matt Leinart Tweets To Jeff Fisher, Sanchez A Possibility?

For those of you who enjoy the more radical speculation...

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With some radio silence regarding the Rams and free agent rumors, you could be forgiven for stretching some speculation out...

Johnny Manziel in Los Angeles

Boy's in town

A video posted by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

Now look. Nobody has linked the Rams to Johnny. And nobody has intimated anything beyond acknowledging his physical presence...

I will leave it right there.

Rams a potential suitor for Mark Sanchez?

This is just a media reaction following this piece over at, the online home to The Star-Ledger, suggesting the Rams could be a landing spot for the Sanchize. Here's what author Eliot Shorr-Parks said about the Rams being one of five teams that might (emphasis mine) be interested:

The Rams have made it clear they are committed to Case Keenum as their starting quarterback, but they have also made it fairly obvious they aren't too fond of Nick Foles. It will be hard to move on from Foles, but Sanchez would give the Rams either a dependable backup behind Keenum, or a veteran who could start and help them compete right away.

Matt Leinart tweets availability for Rams