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Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford Re-Signs On Two-Year, $36m Deal

Sam Bradford is not poor.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford has signed a two-year, $36m deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

It's an incredible amount of money on a quarterback who has yet to lead his team to the most meaningful metric of all: wins.

It's a stunning move that cements just how wary teams are to wade into the pool of not having a ready starter assigned from week one a la the Rams. More than two-thirds of Bradford's new contract is guaranteed, locking him in through the 2017 season.

Bradford's 2015 season, his first with Philadelphia following the trade with the Rams involving Nick Foles, matched his pedestrian output for the modern NFL from his time with the Rams. For the third time in his career, he three for less than 4,000 yards but more than 3,500. For the fourth time, he threw at least 14 TDs but less than 22. And he had more than a dozen interceptions for the third time in his career.

Sam Bradford is worth giving a lot of money to because there isn't anybody else worth doing so for at the position that you can get if you don't already have one of those anybodies already on your roster. This is the modern QB conundrum.