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Random Ramsdom 3/1: Combine Wrapped Up, Fisher Extension?

The latest news is that everybody's favorite, Jeff Fisher, may be extended before the season begins... great.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports


--- Rams, Fisher Discussing Extension ---
Heard it here first: the NFL's greatest coach may soon be extended.

--- Rams Take Long Look at QB Market ---
As is fitting for a team without a marked starter, the Rams eye the market.

--- Jenkins Expresses Contract Frustrations ---
Jenkins has had a rough go of negotiations, and he took to twitter.

--- Rams Have Over 58 Million in Cap ---
The Rams huge cap should be able to help them pull some help for their offense but we'll see.

--- Could Rams Pursue Kaepernick? ---
Kaepernick could fit the Rams, but do they really want a QB struggling with accuracy?

--- Franchise Tag Likely ---
With Jenkins and Johnson looming as free agents, a tag to at least someone is likely.


--- NFL Combine: Jared Goff ---
Goff from the combine.

--- By the Numbers: Combine RBs ---
Though the Rams (hopefully) won't select a running back, here they are.

--- Hargreaves: I feel like I'm the best player in the world ---
Hargreaves exudes some confidence, and that's always a nice sign (to a point) from a young player.

--- By the Numbers: Combine OL ---
Here are some of the offensive linemen the Rams may choose from in this upcoming draft.

--- Five Biggest Combine Winners ---
From Dontari Poe to Khalil Mack, we've seen combine studs translate well to the NFL. Who is it this year?


--- Celebrate Leap Year with Daren Bates! ---
Celebrate leap year with the leap man!

--- Rams Looking to Avoid Lame Duck Season with Fisher ---
But, but, but, hasn't every Fisher season been lame already?

--- Fisher, A lot to prove in LA ---
Failing to coach a winning season in St. Louis, let's see if his Los Angeles career succumbs the same fate.

--- Rams, Best Options at QB ---
Draft? Free agent? Trade? In-house? Far too many options.

Around the NFL

--- 49ers Only Trade Partner for Kaepernick is... ---
Some suggest it may be the Rams...

--- NFL Not Investigating Gronkowski ---
Gambling allegations will not be investigated.

--- NFL Rumors Roundup ---
The buzz around the league is...