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2016 NFL Free Agency: Los Angeles Rams Sign QB/WR Kain Colter

The Rams have added the former Northwestern QB.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Well, the transition is behind us. The St. Louis Rams have given way to the Los Angeles Rams and front office finaglings are afoot as the Rams have inked former Northwestern QB Kain Colter:

Colter was a UDFA for the Vikings after the 2014 NFL Draft, but got cut in the run-up to the 53-man roster that year.

Perhaps most notably, Colter led the charge to establish a union among college players.

For now though, it's a sign that despite the location change, the Rams franchise continues to manage the ins and outs of an NFL offseason. That starts with Colter though it's going to lead into free agency (both in terms of signing new players and re-inking their own) and heading into the 2016 NFL Draft.

Tonight, it means that Kain Colter, for however long, is a Los Angeles Ram.