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ESPN's 2016 Season Predictions Show Rams Stuck In Neutral

ESPN's Dan Graziano compiled some predictions for next year...and it's the same as it ever was for the Rams.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

I get it.

The Rams aren't a popular team. The Greatest Show on Turf was preceded by a nine-year run of losing seasons that included the move to St. Louis while the current era is now running on 12 years without a winning record and a move back to Los Angeles. Since 1989, the Rams have posted just four winning seasons.

That's just brutal.

But it helps explain (a) why the Rams are so often unmentioned in national coverage of the NFL and (b) why the Rams are so often looked over as serious contenders when they are mentioned.

So with that in mind, I'm not surprised that in his predictions for the 2016 NFL season, ESPN's Dan Graziano took a fun-mannered shot at the Rams. It just stings that the Rams are the only team that gets the snark treatment...and perhaps aside from the Cleveland Browns, the only team that deserves it.

The Los Angeles Rams use four different starting quarterbacks, including Robert Griffin III. But they finish 7-9, once again failing to deliver Jeff Fisher’s first winning season since 2008 and his seventh in 22 years as an NFL head coach. Stan Kroenke announces after the season that Fisher will return to try again for that elusive nine-win season, and would we all please leave him alone now so he can go meet with the Six Flags people about the new stadium.

The truth hurts sometimes.