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Random Ramsdom 2/9: Offseason is Officially Underway

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The Super Bowl passed this Sunday, and it's now the offseason for all teams, including the Rams who had an early start to things.

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--- Important Dates ---
Here are some dates to mark off on the calendar for the offseason.


--- Gurley Gets Emotional After Winning Offensive Rookie of the Year Honors ---
Gurley beats out Winston for offensive rookie of the year, and he's emotional.

--- Gurley Thanks STL, Looks Forward to LA ---
Gurley salutes the town that welcomed him, and then salutes the one that will welcome him.

--- Foles Headed for Philly Reunion? ---
Bradford may be out and the Eagles may seek a familiar face.

--- Warner Well-Positioned for HOF --
Next year, Kurt Warner is a likely for the Hall of Fame.

--- Re-imagining LA Rams, Raiders Jerseys ---
Some possible jersey combinations for the LA Rams and LA Raiders today.


--- 2016 Mock Draft Roundup: 1st Edition ---
The first edition of mock draft frenzy.

--- Big Board Top 32 ---
A look at the NFL Draft's best player ranked according to skill alone.

--- Big Board #2 ---
A second look at some of the draft's better players.

Around the NFL

--- 2016 Crystal Ball: RGIII to Rams, Bengals Win Super Bowl ---
Would Rams fans welcome RGIII as a QB?

--- Marshawn Lynch Retires After Nine Seasons ---
Lynch announces his retirement during the Super Bowl, and he joins the mounting number of young players stepping away.

--- Kalil on Notion of Cam Quitting: Absolute Garbage ---
Many saw  Newton backing away from the fumble as forfeiting, but Kalil didn't.

--- Lesean McCoy Involved in Altercation ---
McCoy has gotten himself into quite a tussle.

--- NFL Double Standard on Manning, Newton? ---
Manning didn't congratulate Brees on winning the Super Bowl, but he wasn't lauded for it.