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Super Bowl LI Odds: Rams Among Longest Shots To Win Super Bowl After 2016 NFL Season

Just two teams offer better payouts than the Rams in the early odds for next year's Super Bowl.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL season is over, so we're officially on our way to 2016 and with it Super Bowl LI. With 12 months to go to Houston hosting next year's The Big Game(not™), we've got our first set of odds to play with.

Understandably for the Los Angeles Rams, it's not looking all that likely from where we sit in early February. The Rams are four years into the Fisherball era and can't break through the seven-win ceiling. We've got an offseason to reshape the roster and see if we can do just that, but until then the Rams continue to bandy about the bottom rung of the league.

With that in mind, it shouldn't surprise that the Rams are stuck in a glut of eight teams listed at 50-1 with just the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns below them. The real question is once you get past the Broncos or perhaps the Cowboys. After Dallas at 16-1, there are 23 teams at 20-1 or longer. We know that as of late, there are five new playoff teams every season.

They're going to have to come from that group, so as we head into 2016, this is our jumping off point to see where the next surprise team is going to come from.

Here are the current Super Bowl 51 odds, courtesy of the Westgate in Las Vegas (h/t Niners Nation):

Patriots: 8-1
Seahawks: 8-1
Steelers: 8-1
Cardinals: 10-1
Packers: 10-1
Panthers: 10-1
Bengals: 14-1
Broncos: 14-1
Cowboys: 16-1
Chiefs: 20-1
Colts: 20-1
Vikings: 20-1
Bills: 30-1
Jets: 30-1
Ravens: 30-1
Bears: 40-1
Falcons: 40-1
Giants: 40-1
Lions: 40-1
Washington: 40-1
Saints: 40-1
Texans: 40-1
Buccaneers: 50-1
Chargers: 50-1
Dolphins: 50-1
Eagles: 50-1
Jaguars: 50-1
Raiders: 50-1
Rams: 50-1
Titans: 50-1
49ers: 60-1
Browns: 200-1