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2016 NFL Free Agency: Schefter Links Nick Foles Back To Eagles, Bradford To Open Market

We're not even past the Super Bowl, and the 2016 free agency rumors are already heating up...

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, today has been an odd set of rumors coming from Adam Schefter and ESPN.

Initially, we heard rumor of the Eagles opting not to use the franchise tag on Sam Bradford and instead expressing interest in re-acquiring Rams QB Nick Foles. ESPN quickly deleted the tweet after it was sourced to a fake account...

But it indeed came from Schefter on-air who tweeted it following the morning broadcast of NFL Live:

It's certainly an interesting turn of events.

A year ago, the Bradford-Foles trade was intended to propel both teams to new heights. Instead, Foles was benched for Case Keenum after nine games; Bradford's mediocre play despite the change of scenery was part of what got Eagles HC Chip Kelly fired before the Eagles' final game of the year. Of course, the move's final implications are yet to be written as the Rams still hold the Eagles' second-round pick of the 2016 NFL Draft.

In any case even though there is still one game left for the NFL's 2015 season, we're fully into the offseason now for the Los Angeles Rams.