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Random Ramsdom 5 FEB: QB Options in LA?

Nick Foles? Peyton Manning? Johnny Manziel? Carson Wentz?

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Legendary NFLers Who Never Reached the Big Game | AP

Gotta feel for these fellas, specifically Rams great Eric Dickerson

Goodell, NFL Unstoppable | AP

Who knew you could be so greedy yet so successful with blatant disregard for fan interests

Barnes Looks to Build on 2015 | ESPN

Nothing against the guy, but I hope the Rams upgrade at Center

St Louis Left with Big Stadium Bill |

$144M. Ouch

Rams Considered a Top Landing Spot for Jeffery | Bleacher Report

As Brandon mentioned the other night, the possibility of him hitting the open market is slim.

2015 Offseason Regraded | ESPN In$ider

Yeah, in hindsight Foles and Fairley don't inspire much confidence.

Ron Rivera Almost Coached Rams | ESPN

Scott Linehan or Ron Rivera? speaking of hindsight being 20/20.......

Manning to Rams? | ESPN

As big of a Peyton Manning fan as I am, it doesn't make much sense

Mad Mike Unhappy with HoF Snubs | ESPN

Stats say Terrell Owens should leapfrog them, but as a Rams fan it is pretty tough to swallow.

Girly Time with Gurley | FOX Sports


Marshall Feels for St. Louis | FOX Sports

One of the mainstays of the GSOT 'feels bad' for the city.

Manziel Hits Ex-Girlfriend, won't be Charged |

Is this guy out of the NFL yet? Please don't do this.

Long Lands Among Potential Cap Casualties | Pro Football Focus

Restructure and keep him around.....

Carson Wentz at #20? | PFF

Why would he make it past the Rams at 15? A strong senior bowl may push him out of the Rams reach

Options with Foles are Limited | ESPN

Can't cut him. He's damn near untradeable. What to do?