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Los Angeles Rams: It’s Time To Trade Up In The Draft Again

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Gooooood evening, Rams’ fans.  Helloooooo, Newm....jerks!  Let’s chat.  Last night, we covered the idea of bundling the Rams’ 4th and 6th round picks in an effort to move up into the 3rd round; giving them FIVE picks within the Top 100.  Some of you - who I call "smart people" - liked the idea.  Others of you, well, you know who you are...

I kid, I kid.  Just tossing around some ideas.  And tonight, I’ll lob up another one for ya.  Let’s talk about going and getting the guy you want most in the draft.  I think most of us assume the player we truly covet in the draft, i.e. Jared Goff, Laquon Treadwell, whoever will be gone by the time the Rams are on the clock with the 15th overall pick.

But should we let that stop us from snagging the QB, WR, long snapper we desperately need?  No.  No, it shouldn’t.

The Rams are familiar with moving up to nab a guy they like.  You'll remember 2013, when they moved up to 8th overall spot [from 16] to select Tavon Austin.  Eerily similar situation, no?  The Rams are once again around mid-pack of the draft, and might see a guy the desperately want to take much, much earlier.

As a reference, here are the details of the trade that got the Rams in a position to get their guy:

*  The Rams and Bills swapped first round picks [8 and 16]
*  The Rams coughed up their 2nd round pick that year, as well as their 7th.
*  The Rams and Bills swapped 3rd round picks [Rams got pick 71, Bills 78]

Again, that’s just a reference, but assuming you wanted to grab a QB/WR/Whatever in the 8th spot, that’s about what you’d be costing the Rams on April 28th.

The Rams have six picks in the upcoming draft.

1st Round - 15th overall
2nd Round - 43rd overall [via the Nick Foles/Sam Bradford trade]
2nd Round - 45th overall
3rd Round - 76th overall
4th Round - 107th overall
5th Round - 143rd overall. Exercised by selecting Isaiah Battle with in the 2015 Supplemental Draft
6th Round - 172nd overall
7th Round - 203rd overall. Gone via last year’s trade with the Texans to acquire Case Keenum.

So let’s hear it.  Are you willing to give up one of those extra 2nd round picks [plus some] in order to land a game-changer for the Rams?