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Top 10 Greatest St. Louis Rams Moments, #4: Rams End 17-Game Losing Streak To 49ers

Between November 26, 1990, and October 9, 1999, the Rams beat the San Francisco 49ers exactly 0 times.

Tom Hauck/Getty Images

December 17, 1990 (home)

Loss, 10-26

September 22, 1991 (away)

Loss, 10-27

November 25, 1991 (home)

Loss, 10-33

October 4, 1992 (away)

Loss, 24-27

November 22, 1992 (home)

Loss, 10-27

October 31, 1993 (away)

Loss, 17-40

November 28, 1993 (home)

Loss, 10-35

September 18, 1994 (home)

Loss, 19-34

November 20, 1994 (away)

Loss, 27-31

October 22, 1995 (home)

Loss, 10-44

November 26, 1995 (away)

Loss, 13-41

September 8, 1996 (away)

Loss, 0-34

October 6, 1996 (home)

Loss, 11-28

September 7, 1997 (home)

Loss, 12-15

October 12, 1997 (away)

Loss, 10-30

October 25, 1998 (home)

Loss, 10-28

December 27, 1998 (away)

Loss, 19-38

Nothing signified the arrival of the Greatest Show on Turf more than the next meeting between the two in Week 5 of the 1999 season. The Rams had jumped out to a 3-0 record with wins over the Ravens, Falcons and Bengals. In Week 5 though, the 49ers came to St. Louis riding a 17-game winning streak over the Rams.

Their game plan was clear: shut down Marshall Faulk and isolate the untested QB Kurt Warner.

Their game plan worked.

Faulk had seven carries for just six yards and four catches for less than 40 yards.

The problem was that their gameplan sucked.

Kurt Warner was isolated to just 323 yards and five touchdowns, four of which went to Isaac Bruce. Backup running options Robert Holcombe and Justin Watson combined for 93 yards on 17 carries while the Niners obsessed over Faulk.

It was the first game in which the Rams' GSOT offense showed how multi-faceted it was. It showed that if you clamped down on one crack in the dam, the water would burst through elsewhere. And the defense? It forced three interceptions from rookie 49ers QB Jeff Garcia.

The Greatest Show on Turf had arrived.

October 10, 1999 (home)

Win, 42-20