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TST Wednesday Evening Random Open Thread: Rams Draft Hypothetical

George Rose/Getty Images

Good evening, TST brethren.  What a couple of days, eh?  Johnny Manziel rumors surfaced yesterday, after the Browns announced they’d be releasing him on March 9th.  Then today, Adam Schefter drops the bomb that the Rams have had "internal discussions" about their interest in Peyton Manning.  How about that...discussions so internal that they’ve made their way to Twitter.

At any rate, there weren't a whole lot of "haps" outside of that little morning buzz, so I thought I’d drop a hypothetical on ya.  And it involves this April’s NFL Draft...

Let me start with the list of picks the Rams [currently] have:

1st Round - 15th overall

2nd Round - 43rd overall [via the Nick Foles/Sam Bradford trade]

2nd Round - 45th overall

3rd Round - 76th overall

4th Round - 107th overall

5th Round - 143rd overall. Exercised by selecting Isaiah Battle with in the 2015 Supplemental Draft

6th Round - 172nd overall

7th Round - 203rd overall. Gone via last year’s trade with the Texans to acquire Case Keenum. Sooooo yeeeaaaahhh...

As it stands - the Rams have SIX picks in the upcoming draft.  Not too shabby.  And they could obviously make it more [by trading down], if they decided that the 15th spot [1st round] wasn’t where they wanted to be.

BUT, here was my thought:  The Rams need playmakers more than they need depth.  And so I came up with this idea:

Bundle the 4th and 6th round picks for a 3rd round pick from another team...any team, I don’t care. Either way, the Rams end up with FIVE total picks, all of which land within the Top 100.

I mean, draft experts make a Top 100 list for a reason right?  Those guys are all studs, and should be able to immediately contribute at the next least one would hope/think.  The only issue with my proposition is that the Rams literally couldn’t afford to miss on "can’t miss" guys.  In theory, moving up in the draft makes snagging a top-tier player easier...but we’ve seen what can be done with some *cough* recent 1st and 2nd round picks *cough*

The upside, however, could be drafting five immediate starters; guys that could make an impact in 2016.

So let’s hear it, armchair GM’s.  Would you rather have Five Top 100 picks, or the Rams current slate?