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ESPN's Schefter: Rams Interested In Peyton Manning


Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Yes, ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting the Rams are interested in Peyton Manning:

The Rams have had internal discussions about bringing Peyton Manning to Los Angeles should he want to play another season, per a league source.

Manning still is under contract to the Broncos for another year, but most around the league do not expect him to return to Denver next season, if he returns at all.

Manning still must decide whether he wants to play again, and the Rams still are formulating their quarterback plans. But they are monitoring the Manning situation, per a source, which is a sign that the Broncos quarterback could have options next season.

The Rams have had discussions! About a player! What does that even mean? Who cares!

They're also interested in Johnny Manziel, per Johnny Manziel. There was also the time they "discussed" signing Tim Tebow. Or the time Schefter reported the Rams had called Brett Favre to lure him out of retirement. These are all great scoops.

Let's finish the SEO effort while we're at it.

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