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Random Ramsdom 2/3: L.A. Rams News, Questions at QB, and The Offseason To-Do List

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Offseason To-Do List, Starting With Settling on a QB |  Fox Sports

Nick Foles and Case Keenum will be back to battle for the QB job again, but can the Rams find someone better to throw in the mix?

Exploring Rams’ Options with Nick Foles |  ESPN

The NFL offseason isn't even a month old, but the Los Angeles Rams have already made it known that their quarterback situation for 2016 is as clear as mud.

Faulk "Sad" About Rams Departure From St. Louis [VIDEO] |  NBC Sports

Hall of Fame RB Marshall Faulk gives advice to Johnny Manziel, discusses the football fever in Los Angeles and why he believes Super Bowl 50 will be Peyton Manning's final game.

’79 Rams Recall Their Unlikely Run to the Super Bowl and What Might’ve Been In Loss to Steelers |  L.A. Times

The play haunts Vince Ferragamo, so much that 36 years later it can jolt the former Los Angeles Rams quarterback out of a deep sleep.

Can Jeff Fisher Develop a Quarterback? |  Ramblin’ Fan

Its been said over and over, and it will continue to be said. The Los Angeles Rams are in need of a quarterback. While Jeff Fisher thought he had his answer in Sam Bradford, due to back to back torn ACL’s the team traded him away for Nick Foles. The Foles trade turned into a disaster as the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback ended up being benched halfway through the year.

How Good is Aaron Donald? | Los Angeles Sports Hub

Listen. Can you hear it? It’s the stampede of ten thousand crazy Houston Texan’s fans that are about to riot outside of my house in the largest display of open flame and pitchforks since Bobby Boucher said he wasn’t going to play in the Bourbon Bowl. As good as J.J. Watt is, it may be time to consider that there’s a new candidate for best defensive player in the league.

Kaepernick Wants Out of San Fran, Hopes to Join Jets |  SB Nation

Despite the possibility of playing for new coach Chip Kelly in San Francisco, The New York Daily News is reporting quarterback Colin Kaepernick is setting his sights on the East Coast for the 2016 season. Kaepernick is said to be interested in joining the Jets after riding the bench for the latter half of the season with the Niners.

Key Figures From Rams and Titans Recount Thrilling Final Minutes of Super Bowl XXXIV

Isaac Bruce On Mike Martz’s Comments About Terrell Owens

Mike Jones Answers Critics Messages On Twitter