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NFL Considering Shortening Preseason To Three Games

The NFL Preseason could get cut by 25%.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview today with Green Bay Packers President Mike Murphy, ESPN's Rob Demovsky reports that the NFL Competition Committee has discussed reducing the preseason to three games and likely has enough support to pass the rule change.

I think [three preseason games], that's what we've talked about. Rather than playing that fourth game on a Thursday ... don't play a fourth game and then you'd have an extra week. We've looked at different models, but I think that's the one that makes the most sense.

You're giving up some revenue, but it's one of the worst things we do. The move we made on variable [ticket] pricing helps a little bit in how preseason is viewed, but especially that fourth game is kind of a throwaway.

For a team like the Rams that doesn't use the preseason like most teams do (and saying nothing of Jeff Fisher being the only coach in the NFL to refuse using the mandatory minicamp), this might not have as big of an effect as it would on other teams who use the entirety of the preseason to fully prepare their team directly for Week 1.