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Random Ramsdom Feb 26: QB Hot Takes

Who needs a QB? Not the Rams apparently.....

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Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Le Sigh.


Offense Has More Questions than Answers | Fansided


Rams Set Up Information Meetings | ESPN

Let the L.A. orientation begin!

Wagoner's take on Ogletree to MLB | ESPN

Personally, I don't like the move, but I see the potential for 'Tree to be Kuechly Lite if he can pick up the mental side.

Fisher and his QBs... | Bleacher Report

Hope y'all are looking forward to another 7 win season.

TE Coach Completes Coaching Staff | ESPN

Fisher says his staff is complete after the hire of John Lily.

Narrowing Down HQ Options in LA | FOX Sports

A decision could come in the next few weeks.

Fisher Acknowledges 'Loyal' Rams Fans Left Behind | FOX Sports

Well when the owner roasts the city.... it's to be expected

Connor Cook at #15 | FOX Sports

No thanks

Mario May Not Return to Bills |

Could the Rams take a flier on Super Mario?

Rams Free Agent Priorities | Pro Football Focus

Let Mark Barron Walk? That'd leave the Rams SCREWED at LB

Takeaways from Snead's Presser | Fansided

The QB is important??? NAH!

Joey Bosa NOT Top 10? | SB Nation

I'd bite at 15 for Bosa