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Could the Rams draft Legatron's Replacement?

Greg Zuerlein hasn't improved. The 2016 NFL draft provides an elite kicker prospect... one that could potentially match Johnny Hekker's production.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Specialist aren't supposed to declare early for the NFL draft. Yet here Roberto Aguayo stands. The FSU kicking standout is the best kicking prospect to come into the NFL since Sabastian Janikowski in 2000, according to Bleacher Report.

With Greg Zuerlein failing to build off his impressive rookie campaign, the Rams are left wondering about the future of their kicker. He finished dead last in kicking accuracy in 2015 and while he has perhaps the strongest leg in the NFL, he clearly can't control it. Heading into year 5, at some point you have to wonder if this is who Zuerlein is.

Enter Aguayo, who declared for the NFL draft early after accomplishing everything a kicker could dream of. He has a national championship, won the Groza award (best kicker in NCAA), earned a degree, and set the record for kick accuracy.

With two second round picks, it's well within the realm of possibilty that the Rams draft Aguayo. They proved with the 2015 selection of Todd Gurley that they put little stock into positional value. I wouldn't put it past Jeff Fisher to toss conventional wisdom to the side to select a generational talent.