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Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Three Offensive Players To Build Around

Let’s hear it Armchair GM's

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt the St. Louis - now Los Angeles - Rams struck gold when they drafted Todd Gurley with the 10th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.  Many, myself included, questioned the the time.  But there was never any doubting what Gurley was capable of.  His college resumé spoke for itself.  And his Rookie of the Year campaign was proof.

For the sake of hypotheticals, and good natured conversation, let’s address the topic of players you’d want to build your organization around...specifically on offense.

Gurley is an incredible talent, but if you had to pick ONE NFL running back to build your team around, would it be him?  How about QB and WR?

I can’t tell you how to select these players.  Your rationale is your own.  If you think Tom Brady is the guy who’s going to get you a Super Bowl quicker than Andrew Luck, that’s up to you. Is Le’Veon Bell your guy?  That’s your call.  But remember, the question is:  "What three players would you choose to build around for your team of the FUTURE?" If your future means "who helps get me to the promise land quickest" that’s your prerogative. Winning is, indeed, what matters most.

So let’s hear it.  If you could have any players - at QB, RB, and WR - to build your franchise around, who would they be?

For example: