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William Hayes, Down On His Luck NFL Free Agent, Needs Your GoFundMe Support

Unemployment is rough.

William Hayes, aka Brah Brah Bojangles, is a character. From his belief that dinosaurs never existed to his belief that mermaids are more likely to exist to the reality that he's just a funny cat with a great personality, Hayes has always been over the top.

ESPN's Nick Wagoner had the definitive paragraph on his exploits:

Hayes' ability to scheme and execute pranks with Long has become legendary in the Rams' locker room. There was the time he and Long "allegedly" filled linebacker James Laurinaitis' car with 10,000 crickets, a joke so over the top that Laurinaitis had to get rid of the car because many of the crickets died in the vents. Or the times when Hayes and his cohorts hired trailers to pick up teammates' cars and store them on the practice field. Or the time when they moved two cars across the street from the training facility and had makeshift houses built around them.

Now, though, comes a GoFundMe page looking to support Hayes during his current state of unemployment as he is among the 2015 St. Louis Rams headed to free agency with an expiring contract:

I'm looking for work during the off season. I promise to protect and serve, end zone to end zone, every Sunday. With the money I raise it will go towards new research to help save mermaids and more importantly show that dinosaurs never walked on this earth!

The crowdfunding effort has amassed $5 as of the time of this post.

It picked up some promotional assistance from former teammate Chris Longwho was released by the Rams yesterday:

Regardless of your feelings as to their on-field performance, not having them together in 2016 will be a legitimate source of melancholy.

As for that on-field effort though, Hayes has picked up 21.5 sacks in his four years with the Rams since signing as a free agent after four years with Titans in 2012. With Chris Long ailing from various injuries the last two years, Hayes picked up 20 starts since the beginning of the 2014 season.