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Worst St. Louis Rams Draft Picks, #6: iPead Wets the Bed

Brought in to mentor under SJ39 before becoming Fisher's 'Franchise RB', iPead couldn't have failed more spectacularly.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

This one is fugly, but first lets recap.

#10 Joe Klopfenstein
#9 Alex Barron
#8 Eric Crouch
#7 Adam Carriker

The 2012 draft provided a lot of promise for the St. Louis Rams. The second round in particular was much heralded as a potential backbone of the team's next 3-5 seasons. Janoris Jenkins and Brian Quick preceded Isaiah Pead in that draft, and it's pretty easy to say that Pead was by far the worst of those three selections.

When you consider the trade that net the Rams that selection, it's like adding salt to the wound. Snisher decided to trade back with the Bears to obtain another late round pick. The Bears selected Alshon Jeffery while Pead and Rok Watkins ended up in Earth City.

As my 4 year old son says: "WHOOPSIES"

In his 4 seasons with the Rams, he gained a whopping 172 yards from scrimmage in 27 games - and also threw in an ACL injury for good measure. There were 12 RBs selected after iPead that had more yards from scrimmage. There were also 4 WRs and 3 QBs drafted after him that have had more rushing yards.

Perspective? Nick Foles has 280 more career rushing yards than Pead.