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2016 NFL Draft: Why The LA Rams Will Not Draft A Quarterback

Sounds crazy right? But this is entirely possible, and more likely than most will want to admit...

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams' top priority should be aquiring a quarterback. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

No position is in more dire need. If you're completely honest with yourself, the Rams lost at least 10 games over the last two seasons primarily due to inadequate QB play. Simply put, the position is completely incompetent.

Yes, Jeff Fisher has a track record of failing to develop QBs, but it would go a long way if the team got one that needed less development, someone good enough that not even Fisher can mess it up.

That all sounds nice, right?

The truth is, there's a bigger chance the Rams don't get a legit quarterback than most are willing to admit. Fisher's penchant for mediocrity is to blame here. Rarely does a team find their guy in free agency, and rarely will one find him through trades as the Rams have found out firsthand. The best and most efficient way to find your guy under center is through the draft.

And there lies the problem.

Fisher's teams may miss the playoffs regularly, but you better believe they'll stay away from the top five picks. More than likely, his team will pick outside of the top ten. He plays himself out of a top QB consistently. For Fisher to find his guy, he has to pick in a draft like the 2004 or 1983 NFL Drafts, where QBs could be found at multiple levels of the first round and not just in the top five picks.

With the Rams picking at 15th in the 2016 NFL Draft, they could very likely be out of reach to grab one of the top three QBs in the draft. Teams like the Browns, Cowboys, 49ers, Eagles and even the Chargers could all be interested in taking a QB. It's pretty safe to say at least two of them will.

Top of the draft quarterbacks like North Dakota St. QB Carson Wentz, Cal QB Jared Goff and Memphis QB Paxton Lynch could be gone by the time the Rams get their shot. The worst thing a team can do is reach for a QB with their first-round pick. And the drop off after those three is pretty far, so let's move on to round two.

Now the Rams will have a shot at Michigan St. QB Connor Cook and Mississippi St. QB Dak Prescott. These are the only two QBs I think have a shot at going in round two. Personally, I don't believe any QB should go in round two. As mentioned before, the drop-off from the top three is steep. For argument's sake, let's say these two go before round three. It's very possible that the Texans snatch Cook at the end of round one and he never makes it to round two. With the five teams mentioned above and their possible interest in taking a QB, there's only three to take between the five teams, leaving two teams empty handed. Those two, plus the Bears and Giants added in round two, all still pick ahead of the Rams and could nab a guy before them.

So do the Rams foolishly take a QB in the third round two years in a row? The thirst for a QB is just too strong in a QB-deprived league. Even teams that have their guy are looking for a successor. The Rams' best bet will be to trade up. But again, the plot thickens...

To ensure they get their guy, a trade into the top six picks would seem like the best move. However, it has to be painfully obvious the Rams are desperate for QB help as they are a QB away from legitimate playoff contenders (QB and coach for super bowl contenders), and teams could see this as an opportunity to capitalize much like the Rams did in the RGIII trade. A jump from 15 to the top six picks could be costly. With two second-round picks, the Rams have a head start in putting together enough ammunition to make a jump...but would a first and two seconds be enough?

It's possible, but if not, how much more would be needed? And would that ultimately be too much in the long run for the Rams?