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2016 NFL Free Agency: Los Angeles Rams' Secondary Members Address FA Status On Instagram

Time to do it for the 'gram.

Ah, Instagram. A world of intrigue and mystery.

At least it has been recently regarding the Los Angeles Rams and the three members of their secondary with expiring contracts: CB Janoris Jenkins, CB Trumaine Johnson and FS Rodney McLeod.

With the status of all three up in the air combined with the Rams having yet to use their franchise tag on anyone, there's no certainty involved regarding their 2016 statuses.

We got the first inkling of some traction on IG from Janoris yesterday (screengrabbed since his IG account is private and you can't embed private IG posts):

Janoris Jenkins IG 1 19Feb2016

What "further notice" he was referring to, we'll have to see.

Today though, another Janoris IG post seemed to kick things off between the trio:

Janoris Jenkins IG 2 19Feb2016

For those of you who don't stay up on your rap game, Migos is a trio out of Atlanta known for their close-knit relationship (they're all related anyway, but yeah). The idea here being that JJ, Tru and Rod aren't going to be broken up.

That sentiment was followed by a post from Tru:

Package Deal. #FreeAgents

A photo posted by Tru (@truj2) on

And from McLeod:

Used to pray for times like this... In due time my brothers.. #AGNB #weuptosomething #ctc

A photo posted by Rodney Mcleod (@rodmcleod4) on

What to read into it? That's what the internet's for. Have at it.