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2016 NFL Free Agency: The LA Rams Should Bring Back Brian Quick On A One-Year Prove-It Deal

In life, sometimes we fail. Everyone deserves a second chance, so why not give Brian Quick another chance to stick around?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For years, the Rams' biggest need has been providing weapons to their numerous quarterbacks.

Finding a starting-caliber wide receiver for the Rams has been like finding the Loch Ness Monster in the desert. That is why keeping an eye on a talented player that has been with the orginazation could end up being a good move for the Los Angeles Rams: WR Brian Quick.

Quick finished his rookie contract without much of a whimper. Unfortunately, he hasn't shown as much in the development category as Ram fans and more than likely the Rams staff wished. In four seasons, Quick has less than 1,000 reception yards, only seven receiving touchdowns, and last season he did not find a way into the end zone at all.

Even with all of the negative facts surrounding Quick, he has shown brief flashes that he's shown of being a solid receiver for the Rams who do not have much talent at receiver in the first place. That alone is the main reason that Quick should return to the roster for one more season.

Going into free agency, at wideout the Rams will be returning Kenny Britt, Tavon Austin, Bradley Marquez and Stedman Bailey who season was ended early after he was shot while serving a suspension. Doctors have said that he is unlikely to play in the NFL again.

It would be a surprise if the Rams do not address the wide receiver position during free agency or the draft, but even if they do it would not hurt bringing Quick into the fold one more time.

In Quick's third season, he played the best football of his career, looking like he could become an above average receiver before he suffered a shoulder injury that could have ended his career.  With the injury potentially behind him, Quick could finally become a solid receiver or at least be a depth player. Obviously, the Rams will not rely on Quick to be a starting receiver and will make him earn not only a starting spot but a position on the team.

The Rams brought Kenny Britt into the fold with a one-year prove-it deal and it worked out. Would it really hurt to offer one to Quick? It would not break the bank and at worse the Rams would cut him after the preseason.

With the talent of the Rams current receivers, even if there is a five percent chance that Quick will become a starter, the Rams should take that chance.