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2016 NFL Draft: Should the Los Angeles Rams Double Up On Receivers In the 2nd Round?

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The Los Angeles Rams find themselves in the very fortunate position of having two 2nd round picks in the 2016 NFL Draft.  They can obviously - more so potentially - land a pair of Week 1 starters.  Or they could leverage one of those 2nd round picks to move up in Round 1, to potentially nab a quarterback.

Let’s say they stand pat at 15.  Their biggest, most glaring needs are on offense, and I think most would tend to agree that quarterback and wide receiver rank right up there at the top of their "to-do" list for this offseason.

For the sake of the exercise, we’ll rely on the real experts:  NFL Network’s Mike Mayock and Daniel Jeremiah.

In DJ’s mock, which he released yesterday, the Rams passed on the opportunity to land the draft’s top WR prospect, Laquon Treadwell.  Instead, they opted to take a flyer on Memphis QB Paxton Lynch.  Lynch’s name has become very popular amongst Rams’ fans and draftniks, and it’s a strong possibility he’s there at 15 when the Rams make their first pick.

But the Rams still need help at wide receiver.  And before we move on to how the remainder of DJ’s first round panned out, let’s use Mayock’s Draft Position Rankings as a reference for wide receivers.

1. Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss
2. Corey Coleman, Baylor
3. Michael Thomas, Ohio State
4. Josh Doctson, TCU
5. Will Fuller, Notre Dame

At this point in DJ’s draft - with the Lions now on the clock at 16 - all five of Mayock’s receivers are still up for grabs.  How many would slide to the 2nd round?

With the 19th overall pick, Laquon Treadwell is headed to Buffalo to play alongside Sammy Watkins [how painful that must be for Rams’ fans to read].  And with the 23rd pick, the Minnesota Vikings add Baylor WR Corey Coleman.

Which brings me to the million dollar question:  If you were Rams’ GM Les Snead would you consider doubling up on wide receivers in the 2nd round?

With Michael Thomas [who our very own Eric Nagel covered on Tuesday], Josh Doctson, and Will Fuller [who TST patron Ferragamo15 wrote about yesterday] all still available, the Rams could utilize both 2nd rounds picks to potentially end their lack of viable WR talent for years to come.  I’ll throw in Pitt’s Tyler Boyd for good measure.

Michael Thomas Highlights

Josh Doctson Highlights

Will Fuller Highlights

Tyler Boyd Highlights