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2016 NFL Combine: The Snubs That Didn't Make The Invite List

We've got the 332 who made the cut for this year's combine, but here are 10 more names that won't be in Indianapolis next week.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jake Coker (QB, Alabama)

It's been just more than a month since Coker led the Alabama Crimson Tide to their fourth national championship under Head Coach Nick Saban. Now, he's on the outside looking in with the combine coming up. He'll still get Alabama's Pro Day to show off, but the lack of a combine invite is going to make it tough for a QB as methodical and deliberate as Coker to creep into the early Day 3 rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Keenan Reynolds (QB/ATH, Navy)

Keenan Reynolds scored more rushing touchdowns than any player in college football history.

That is a real sentence. So while he likely doesn't fit a single NFL offense at quarterback, it's impossible to see 32 teams passing up on that athleticism come draft time. Perhaps he slips through as a UDFA, but I'd be surprised if he's not added on upside alone before the 7th round.

Derek Watt (FB, Wisconsin)

J.J. Watt's brother probably holds more headline appeal than prospect potential...but headline appeal is important to certain people (and certain teams...). Watt's a limited offer as a fullback, but could get regular special teams work in the NFL early in his career.

Kevin Byard (SS, Middle Tennessee St.)

Holds the MTSU school record for interceptions with 19 with plenty of starting experience. Might be the prospect on this list taken earliest in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Joe Bolden (ILB, Michigan)

Bolden is one of those prospects you have to mine his production for potential. He's not fast, he's not athletic and he's not all that special...but for a middle linebacker, he sure does make a lot of plays. Depending on his demeanor and work ethic, I could see him being a day 3 selection easy.

Everett Golson (QB, Florida St.)

A Brandon Bate favorite, Golson's career at Notre Dame never really took off and sputtered to a conclusion at FSU. Again, this has more of the notoriety than it does NFL applicability, but it's a sharp fall off for such a well-known prospect in just two years.

Jay Lee (WR, Baylor)

Ah, Baylor wide receivers. God bless them.

Lee may not have the appeal of teammate WR Corey Coleman, a potential first-round selection, but he's got size and production. Averaging nearly 20 yards per catch in his final season in Waco certainly helped polish the luster on his resume. A plus Senior Bowl showing added to it, but without the combine work added to the enigmatic aspect of transitioning Baylor WRs to the NFL, Lee's one big question mark.

Jatavis Brown (OLB, Akron)

Brown is a plus Daren Bates -- undersized for an NFL linebacker at 5'1", 225 lbs., but crazy athletic. He'll definitely make a camp this year based on special teams and LB depth upside, but to not get him measured in Indy is a shame (He will be involved in the regional combine in Houston this weekend).

Silverberry Mouhon (DE, Cincinnati)

No, Mouhon doesn't make this list on name strength alone, though that would be entirely justified. He's here for his 19 career sacks that came despite being the singular focus for opposing offensive lines along the Bearcats' D-line. His production and size are NFL-ready, so I was a bit surprised to see him left out here.

James Burgess (LB, Louisville)

Burgess, whose father played at the University of Miami before a short run with the San Diego Chargers, was another production positive over the last three seasons. He too might have been bit by the size bug at just 6'0" and 213 lbs.