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Best St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: Inaugural Selection in the 'Lou Hits Jackpot

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The DL dominance of this list continues....

#10 Todd Gurley
#9 James Laurinaitis
#8 Chris Long
#7 Leonard Little
#6 Robert Quinn
#5 Aaron Donald

With their first draft selection as the St. Louis Rams in 1995, the Rams drafted Kevin Carter at #6 overall. They turned that selection into 6 years of elite production - to the tune of 62.5 sacks. They then turned their investment into another 1st round selection by trading him to the Titans after the 2000 season.

The selection was everything that you want out of a high draft pick. Carter was productive, helped the team win a Super Bowl, and then the team regained some draft capital - even if they didn't do much with the pick (Ryan Pickett).

There's not much bad that you can say about Carter. The only thing holding him back from being higher on this list was his longevity with the Rams. He's one of 31 players in NFL history with 100+ sacks and unfortunately he's not really remembered as a Ram since he played for 4 teams during his career.