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Worst St. Louis Rams Draft Picks #4: Tye Hill

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The 2006 NFL draft was not kind to the Rams. We've already seen their 2nd rounder from that draft (Klopfenstein) make an appearance on the list. Their first selection from that draft highlights just how inept the Rams were at drafting players.

#10 Joe Klopfenstein
#9 Alex Barron
#8 Eric Crouch
#7 Adam Carriker
#6 Isaiah Pead
#5 Brian Quick

Tye Hill is yet another example - a very convincing one - to why you should trust ability, not workout results. Hill blew the 2006 combine out of the water by running a 4.3 40 yard dash

Let us not forget that the Broncos traded up with the Rams to the #11 overall spot in 2006 to draft Jay Cutler...meaning that the Rams decided to trade down instead of draft someone like Haloti Ngata.

But let's not sell the Rams short before evaluating the trade in it's entirety. The Rams picked up the 68th overall selection from the Broncos as a part of that trade - which they used to select the immortal Claude Wroten. He lasted 2 seasons in the NFL.

In addition to Cutler and Ngata (painful enough) the Rams missed out on Antonio Cromartie, Tamba Hali, Santonio Holmes, Nick Mangold, and a litany of other players who played more than 40 games in their career.