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Los Angeles Rams: 4 Round Mock Draft

You've been wondering when this would happen, right? My infamous, I mean FAMOUS Mock Draft prowess is well known, and now the time has come...

Why are you groaning? I mean... Sure, my Mock Drafts in the past have had their titches, but all your eye rolling usually waits until after I've actually made a pick... Sheeeesh!

I have immersed myself in college prospects headed into the 2016 NFL Draft. While the Combine is on the horizon, I think my picks are solid. To give this Mock Draft perspective, I've invited a colleague to offer his thoughts too. If you don't know much about Brandon Bate, here's a short Bio:

Found wandering in the Washington D.C. wilderness as a child, Brandon was adopted by early Micro-brewing pioneer Hansel Rodriguez Bate, and his wife Gretel. Home schooled after a number of incidents in both public and private schools, Brandon received a scholarship from the "Even This Kid Deserves A Chance Foundation".  Enrolled at the College of Untapped Virtues, young Mister Bate graduated with a degree in Beer after only 9 foggy years... Writing about the St. Louis Rams was a passion of his, and soon came to the attention of one of the staff members at Turf Show Times. After working closely with someone - who he would latter come to idolize and revere - he conquered his fear of prepositions, and his paranoia surrounding "who" and "whom"... -via Brandon Bate's still active MySpace page

So you see, this Mock Draft is going to be the cumulative effort of Rams experts. While Brandon and I await the Rams' decision on a couple pesky Restraining Orders issued over the years, we still make sure everyone has a chance to read our keen insights...

Round 1 of the 2016 NFL Draft for the Los Angeles Rams:

Overall Pick #15:

Brandon's choice: Noah Spence, DE, Eastern Kentucky

"... I like this kid's skill set. Plus, his name implies he can both build a boat, and possibly solve crimes?"(see: Spence(r, and an "s" instead of a "c", but it's something Brandon's still working on...) For Hire)

Trade! Les Snead's phone rings, and it's Indianapolis on the line. The Colts trade #18 overall, their 2nd rounder (#48) and a 4th, to move up to take a Draft day falling Jaylon Smith, OLB/ILB, Notre Dame. The single top flight talent at his position in this Draft, Treadwell falls to #18 as teams load up on defensive players.

DouglasM's choiceLaquan Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss

The Rams trade back into the 1st round with Pittsburgh at #25 for Indianapolis' 2nd (#48) and 4th round picks, plus a 2018 Rams 1st round choice.

DouglasM's choice at #25, the Rams select: Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas

The best tight end in this draft, he's a Day 1 starter for the Rams. Henry is a Top 15 player on my Draft Board, and he's a steal at #25. Blocking, catching passes in traffic, and a high football I.Q., this young man has it all...

Round 2 of the 2016 NFL Draft for the Los Angeles Rams:

Brandon's choice at #43 overall: Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

"Sure hands are at the top of my list for a Rams receiver. Boyd is a fierce competitor, and a polished route runner. I'm not sure he's a prototypical WR1, but he checks off all the boxes as someone who can instantly make a difference in a woeful Rams' offense..."

DouglasM's choice at #43 overall: Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama

It may be a reach to take a Center this high in the 2nd round, but this choice is "need driven". Rookie Centers are a scary thing most of the time, but Kelly comes polished by a solid Alabama program...

Brandon's choice at #45 overall: Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas

"Jared Cook needs to be replaced, and Hunter is the top TE prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft. He'd be key in changing "3rd and long" problems for the Rams in 2016..."

DouglasM's choice at #45 overall: Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State

There's simply a huge void at wide receiver for the Rams in 2016. Brian Quick and Stedman Bailey are enormous question marks going forward. The addition of Treadwell and Thomas instantly brings both depth and talent to a weak position group...

Round 3 of the 2016 NFL Draft for the Los Angeles Rams:

Brandon's choice at #76 overall: Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State

"At 6'5", 250 lbs, he's a nightmare to bring down for pass rushers. Big arm, big thighs... If he has a great smile like Cam Newton, he's a flat out 3rd round steal!"

DouglasM's choice at #76 overall: Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

Built to take the NFL pounding, Prescott offers one of those "up side" gambles. He took a beating in 2015 due to a miserable offensive line, and he'll need to recover quickly at the next level from any lingering "shell shock. I like his arm, but he'll need to learn how to create a catch-able ball in close coverage...

Round 4 of the 2016 NFL Draft for the Los Angeles Rams:

Brandon's choice at #107 overall: Max Tuerk, C, USC

"Turks are tough! Have you seen Gallipoli? They kicked the crap of the British, French, plus the Aussies and New Zealanders, and they play rugby... (I'll explain to Brandon later the difference between "Turk" and "Tuerk")

DouglasM's choice at #107 overall: Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford

An intelligent player who likes to mix it up in the trenches, he has NFL DNA in his blood to back him up. (He's the son of a former NFL Nose Tackle). I like his potential at the next level, but he'll need a solid offensive line coach to bring out his best...