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2010 NFL Draft Rewind: The Rams Best Draft Pick Was Michael Hoomanawanui. Worst? Sam Bradford

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Layne Murdoch/Getty Images
The NFL Draft, for the most part, is a crapshoot.  For every Ryan Leaf, there’s a Tom Brady.  For every Ki-Jana Carter, there’s a Priest Holmes.  You get the drift.

For NFL teams to succeed, they rely on scouting to identify players that will hopefully join their organization and be successful for years to come.  They must hit on top draft picks, and hopefully find a few gems in the mid/late rounds.

Pro Football Focus looked back on each team’s 2010 NFL draft, and provided cumulative grades for each team’s players between that draft and the conclusion of the 2015 season.

Before we begin here’s a look at all eleven players the St. Louis Rams selected in 2010:

Here’s how the Rams’ 2010 draft graded, per PFF.  It’s not pretty...

Cumulative grade (11 picks): -35.8 during seasons with St. Louis
Best pick: TE Michael Hoomanawanui (round 5, pick 132, +8.4 cumulative grade)
The burly TE was St. Louis’ only positively-graded player from this draft class outside of Sam Bradford.
Worst pick: QB Sam Bradford (round 1, pick 1, +10.7 cumulative grade)
Bradford finished his tenure in St. Louis with only one truly above-average season, and failed to make a lasting impact during his five years with the franchise who drafted him No. 1 overall. He missed significant time in two of his first four seasons before missing 2014 entirely. He missed some time in Philadelphia this season, but did come on strong with three of his last four games grading out to +2.5 or better.

The [-35.8] grade was given by adding together the cumulative season grades of each player selected.  Only four teams - Jaguars, Packers, Colts, and Bears - graded lower.  The Patriots graded the highest, with a 331.2.

Hoomanawanui showed promise for the Rams, scoring three touchdowns in eight games his rookie year, which was cut short by injury.  Injuries in his sophomore season also prematurely ended his 2011 campaign at eight games, and he was cut - by new head coach Jeff Fisher - in September 2012.

As for Bradford...well, you’ve already heard that story one too many times.

Rodger Saffold and Eugene Sims are the only two players from the 2010 draft still on the team.  With Saffold’s injury history and Sims’ impending free agency, it remains to be seen if either of them play a game for the Los Angeles Rams.