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Los Angeles Rams: Recollecting What Draft Experts Were Saying About Sean Mannion

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Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams drafted Sean Mannion out of Oregon State with the 89th pick in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft.  And with one season under his belt, it’s still very unclear of what he’s capable of accomplishing in the pros.

Mannion took seven total snaps in his rookie year.  290 fewer than Case Keenum.  649 less than Nick Foles.  The rookie would complete 6 of 7 for 31 yards, with a long completion of 11 yards.

Gone are the days when a quarterback was drafted with the intention of sitting behind the team’s current starter for two or three years, learning the intricacies of the game in preparation for their time on the big stage.  In today’s NFL, quarterbacks are often thrust into the offense with the expectation that they’re Week 1 ready.

That wasn’t the case for Mannion, whose seven snaps in Week 12 can hardly be considered experience.  That’s not to say that Mannion didn’t better himself in 2015.  He certainly had time to learn the playbook, and take pointers from Foles, Keenum, and the coaching staff.

How much has he improved is the question.  Not far removed from last year’s draft, and with minimal tape to clearly indicate otherwise, here’s what draft experts were saying the Rams got when they drafted Mannion last May:

Mannion reminds me a little bit of Mike Glennon. He throws with anticipation and timing, but he has to quicken the process a little bit.  - Mike Mayock

"Bottom Line" from Mannion’s Draft Profile

Tall, rhythm thrower who shows an ability to play with confidence and accuracy when used as a game manager within an offense featuring a strong rushing attack. Mannion needs plays to stay on schedule or his confidence becomes shaky and the turnovers start rolling in. Mannion lacks arm talent to carry an offense, but has enough ability to become a capable backup.  NFL Comparison:  Matt Schaub

From Kevin Patra,'s Around The NFL writer:

However, Mannion's arm talent leaves a lot to be desired and he was turnover-prone in college. One scout compared him to Derek Anderson, who also came out of Oregon State.

From Dane Brugler, CBS Sports NFL Draft Analyst

Mannion has shown promise over his career, but tends to be too careless with his decisions and lacks the consistency against pressures to be a consistent NFL starter. If he can learn how to speed up his process for the NFL level, Mannion can carve out a Shaun Hill type of career, but if he doesn't, his career will likely follow a Tony Pike-like path.