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Random Ramsdom 2/12: Rams News, the QB Conundrum, & Jerrah’s Influence on Move to LA

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Can Rams’ Defense Lead Them To A Championship? |  ESPN

The Rams under coach Jeff Fisher have never tried to hide their priorities when it comes to building the roster. Fisher covets a top-flight defense, complemented by a power running game with occasional help from a play-action passing game.

QB A Need, Though Keenum Might Disagree |  OC Register

The Rams need a quarterback. That’s one thing upon which football fans in Los Angeles and St. Louis (and Bora Bora, for that matter) can agree. But what if that’s not the primary, or most important, question?

Amid Doubts, Bailey Still Hopes for Return to NFL |  OC Register

Since November, when a drive-by shooting nearly took his life, Stedman Bailey’s doctors have remained doubtful the third-year Rams wideout could ever return to the NFL. But in the most detailed account yet of his recovery, Bailey said he’s still holding out hope he’ll play football again.

Aaron Donald Joins Mason and Ireland to Talk Rams [AUDIO] |  ESPN

Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald joins Steve and John and talks Rams football, and the return of the team to Los Angeles.

Magic Johnson Tries To Recruit Peyton Manning to LA |  ESPN

Forget the weather and the lifestyle, the Los Angeles Rams’ best recruiting tool might be a little bit of Magic.

Inside the Rams Wild Return To L.A. |  ESPN

Few could have guessed that the league’s return would become so bloody, bitter and, most of all, emblematic of how power in the NFL truly works.

NVL VP Tried to Outbid Kroenke for LA Stadium Land |  CBS Sports

A big reason that the Rams earned the right to move to Los Angeles this season is because owner Stan Kroenke had almost unlimited resources: He had the land, he had the money and most importantly, he’s an experienced real estate developer who knew exactly what to do with those two things.

Jerry Jones is the Reason the Rams are in Los Angeles |  Deadspin

Going into the meeting, most believed Carson had more votes. But one moment, many would later recall, seemed to halt its momentum. Michael Bidwill, president of the Cardinals and a Carson supporter, argued that the NFL doesn’t exist just to make rich owners richer. Owners needed to consider what would be best for the league, and ...
Jones cut him off: "When you guys moved the team from St. Louis to Phoenix — it wasn’t about the money?"
As Bidwill tried to answer, Jones moved in for the kill: "You did it for the money."

Most Owners Wanted to Keep Raiders From Returning to L.A. |  Pro Football Talk

If the Chargers don’t finalize a move to Los Angeles by the middle of January 2017, dibs on sharing Kroenkeworld with the Rams will slide to the Raiders. But it’s hard to imagine the NFL ultimately allowing the Raiders to make the move.

Rams In Talk With UC Irvine for Potential Training Camp Site |  OC Register

The Rams have had talks with UC Irvine officials about using the campus as a temporary training camp facility, club chief operating officer Kevin Demoff confirmedThursday.

Behind the Rams Move [AUDIO] |  ESPN

Don Van Natta and Seth Wickersham share results of their report on the how NFL owners decided to send the Rams to L.A.