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Best St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: They Said he was Too Small.....

It's not the of the dog in the fight......

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's make it 4 DL in a row shall we?

#10 Todd Gurley
#9 James Laurinaitis
#8 Chris Long
#7 Leonard Little
#6 Robert Quinn

I know more than one fan that rolled their eyes when the Rams drafted Aaron Donald at #13 overall in 2014. They already had a stacked DL and adding to the talent pool seemed to be a luxury that the Rams could ill afford. Especially with players like Zack Martin and C.J. Mosley still on the board.

I hailed from that crowd. I was wanted Snisher to take the OL heavy philosophy in 2014, but was disappointed when the Donald selection was made. History has proved me to be a fool in that regard.

In his first two seasons, he's pulled in a Defensive Rookie of the year and has already worked his way in to the Defensive Player of the Year conversation. His development shows no signs of slowing either. He's going to be a staple in the DPOY conversation for as long as he can stay healthy. Hell, if the Rams become relevant, he may actually win one at some point.

There has to be some level of projection when placing Donald on this list, but he's certainly shown more in his two seasons than most draft other picks from the St. Louis era. If we re-do this poll in 10 years, there's a very real chance that Donald could challenge the GSOT selections for the top spot on the list.