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Worst St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: "The Next T.O."

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

At this point in our countdown, the Rams have more than proven their ineptitude. We kick off the second half of the countdown with a player who could never seem to get it all going at the same time. But first, lets recap!

#10 Joe Klopfenstein
#9 Alex Barron
#8 Eric Crouch
#7 Adam Carriker
#6 Isaiah Pead

At one point I was as infatuated with Brian Quick as former WR coach Ray Sherman. I was enticed by his blend of size and athleticism that I felt could make him into that elusive primo receiver that the Rams have been so desperately missing. I advocated him through his drops and his injury - which turned out to be more career threatening than Jeff Fisher ever let on.

The Rams infamously passed on Alshon Jeffery (or a possible trade down for that matter) to select a WR they had already dubbed "The Next Terrell Owens" - after being drafted out of then FCS juggernaut Appalachian State. I'll admit... I drank the Jeff Fisher Kool-Ade. Our shiny new high-profile coaching hire believed that he just landed an elite WR prospect and that was good enough for me at the time,

After a lackluster showing in his first two seasons, Quick got off to a fast start in 2014. He was on pace for a 1200 yard season and had us believing in him before a shoulder injury derailed his progress. Unfortunately he never recovered from the injury and his status with the Rams is questionable at best.

I wavered slightly when placing Quick above iPead on the list, but the expectations immediately levied upon BQ - that he spectacularly failed to meet - tipped the scales. The list of players taken after Quick is particularly painful as well.

#41 Cordy Glenn
#45 Alshon Jeffery
#47 Bobby Wagner
#58 Lavonte David
#75 Russell Wilson
#92 T.Y. Hilton

Even by Rams standards, that's rough.....