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Aaron Donald's Talents Extend to XBOX

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Aaron Donald has earned quite the reputation for excellence in early years of his NFL career. He is considered among the NFL's best defensive players and has earned Pro Bowl nods in each of his first two season. Simply put, he eats offensive lineman for lunch every Sunday.

With all of his accolades, one might be tempted to stereotype him as a typical jock. Don't be fooled, the Rams DT is clearly just as dominant in the digital realm as well.

Playing with his very own Los Angeles Rams, Donald was able to best everyone he played in the tournament - which makes the feat that much more impressive! C'mon folks.... he won when putting himself at a clear disadvantage! He's clearly the best!

According to USA Today Donald's victory over Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin earned $51,000 for the make a wish foundation.