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Jeff Fisher: Five-Star Head Coach

Yelp doesn’t lie. Like...ever.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Positive week gives us quite a bit to be thankful for. The Rams are heading into December with Jared Goff. He’s a great young guy. Throws the ball, which is more than you can say about RG3. Trending up!

And Tavon Austin? Did you see him drop anything against the Patriots? No! Genius game planning, if I may say so Jeff.

After watching the Rams take over the second half, I thought I’d dig around Yelp to see if there were any honest fans like myself who wanted to see all the people Jeff has helped in the league.

And after digging, oh, did I hit the jackpot.

Stan Kroenke has only stellar things to say about Jeff Fisher.
Kroenke only has glowing things to say about Fisher.

I know Stan isn’t much for words, but these two paragraphs speak volumes. Who could have better prepared to secretly move a team for four years? NO ONE. No other head coach has that on their resume, I guarantee you.

I’m not even going to go into the financials. Talk about a #MoneyMarket HEY-O.

Vince Young thinks about his stellar football career.
The prodigal son returns? Fisher could make it happen.

C’mon guys. Think about how Vince still wants to play for Fisher. Can you say that about any other quarterback? I don’t hear Matt Leinart making house calls to Pete Carroll.

What a joker! Changing records, one week at a time! That’s the Fisher way!

Oh, Tom. Always the jester. Fisher helps players set records, even ones that aren’t on his team! I can’t think of another head coach that would do that. Can you think of all the players who would love to play against the Rams every week? Hue Jackson sure would!

Jeff could revive two franchises at once if that happened. No small feat.

The chemistry between the two - that’s what 22 years of friendship looks like.

Mike Silver, short and sweet. Sentences condensed into 140 characters or less. This is how it’s done folks - like Jeff said - take notes.

Nothing says you’re a team league player like giving up 40% of the best offensive line in football! Fisher knew talent when he saw it in Greg Robinson, so those two players? Not a problem!

With that said, it’s pretty clear Jeff Fisher was extended because everyone loves him. Players, media, owners. There isn’t one negative review, and that’s because you know he’s working hard to make sure you win half the time.

That’s some serious dedication. Props to you Jeff Fisher.