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NFL Week 14 Broadcast Map - Rams Popular Choice For Much Of US TV Landscape

Here's who's getting Rams-Falcons game on their local broadcast channel. It’s a lot of people!

Welcome back to Positive Week, highlighting all the greatness about our completely functional and not at all toxic Los Angeles Rams!

Per 506 Sports, here’s the FOX broadcast map for the late games on Sunday:

Week 14 broadcast map
  • Green: Falcons at Rams
  • Red: Seahawks at Packers
  • Blue: Saints at Buccaneers

Non-pictured market coverage: Anchorage, AK - Seahawks at Packers; Fairbanks, AK - Seahawks at Packers; Honolulu, HI - Seahawks at Packers

Simply put, this week’s highlight clash between the 4-8 Rams and the 7-5 Atlanta Falcons will be beamed into millions of television sets. As just one of the three late games, the Rams were gifted a huge swath of the country to play in front of.

The Rams pick up the Fresno and San Diego markets while Atlanta soaks up most of Georgia and the South Carolina Low Country to go with most of Alabama and some southern spots of Tennessee.

With the Rams coming to a TV near you, nothing but satisfaction is sure to follow!

Go Rams!