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Random Ramsdom 12/7: This is the best Wednesday of the Week!

What a day! Get all of your best Rams news about the best NFL in LA that the internets has to offer!! Ramily!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams are an offensive tragedy - Five Thirty Eight

The best offense is a good defense, so how tragic can they really be? Didn't think so.

Unless Rams suddenly get good, Fisher likely gone - LA Times

Bill obviously doesn't know what suddenly means. They've been working extremely hard at improving and fixing things. Atlanta has no idea what's coming!

Slide threatens to take Fisher's job despite extension - Yahoo

They can never take away his 3-1 start! It's in the history books of time forever!

Lots of Unfinished business for Rams, says Snead - LA Times

I was starting to think Snead wasn't on this Earth anymore. Wrong! He's here and he's ready to finish strong!

Fisher thought missing challenge flag was hilarious - ESPN

What's really hilarious is they called it a "challenge" flag. No challenge for the stache' on that one! He owned that review!!!

Fisher unaware Snead also received extension - ESPN

Total non-story. Of course he was unaware. Fisher is too busy plowing through the Rams schedule, getting his men ready.

Opponent Profile: Falcons - CBS

Get familiar with Atlanta's team all you want, their team's familiar winning feeling will be absent this Sunday!

Fisher looks at loss record as 'half-full' - ESPN

And to be honest, the only other way to look at said glass would be as "to the brim." The Brim of the future!

Snead also gets extension - Daily Breeze

It's easy to forget about the mastermind of this team's success in the face of Jeff Fisher's wonderful weekly speeches. Les is back! That hair!!!

When you have the best punt team in NFL history, you're gonna take hits elsewhere. A necessary risk to be the best!