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Here’s A Shirt You Can Buy To Show Your Support Of Rams HC Jeff Fisher

Show off your love for the Rams with this supportive shirt!

Fire Fisher T-Shirt

Time for a little holiday shopping, Los Angeles Rams fans.

The Rams are coming back home for Week 14 and you (or a loved one or a not-quite-as loved one) can show your support for the Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher with this official TST T-shirt extolling his virtues as being pure fire as the kids say and being able to coach the Rams to 7 exciting wins three of the last four seasons. And hey, if we play our cards right and go 3-1 over the last stretch (which they did last year after switching to Case Keenum...just sayin!), we could reach that magic number yet again!

Per our vendor:

He's not (expletive deleted) going 7 and 9! The fans demanded a Fire Fisher shirt . . . the fans get a Fire Fisher shirt. What will the fans get next?

Yellow print on an ultra-soft royal blue tee.

Athletic fit; made from a super-comfortable, vintage-inspired blend of 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester jersey.

Screen printed in the good 'ol USA.

Sizes range from small up to 3XL for the interior linemen in your life.

So get your #FireFisher shirt today, because now that his two-year extension has been reported, Fisher and the 4-8 Rams are about to turn up the heat in LA!