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Rams Continue To Dominate Third Place In LA NFL TV Rankings

The Rams have a stranglehold on being the team featured in the third most-popular game in Los Angeles every week, and they are not letting it go!

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff
LA, baby!
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

With the return of the NFL to LA, the Los Angeles Rams have had great home crowds of upwards of 70,000 at home games in the LA Coliseum with more than 90,000 attending the home opener in Week 2, a rousing affair with the offense exploding in a 9-3 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

With nearly 13 million residents in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Statisical Area, the Rams aren’t without a base to draw from. Compare that to the New Orleans MSA with just more than a million and a quarter with the Superdome offering a capacity upwards of 75,000 or the Kansas City MSA with more than 2 million asked to fill Arrowhead Stadium which also holds more than 75,000 seats. You can understand why LA could be expected by neutral observers to be able to fill the stadium!

So in Year 1 riding off the novelty of NFL football, high attendance should be expected. In fact, many were surprised that the Rams’ first scrimmage at the Coliseum didn’t fill more than 1/3rd of the stadium. No big whoop. Week 2 was packed, and successive weeks have all been well above 70,000.

But one obvious place the Rams need to allow time to soak into the fan base? The TV viewership.

The Rams haven’t been the top game in the market yet:

For whatever reason, it seems Los Angeles NFL viewers are choosing other games to watch more than their new hometown team. It’s hard to understand why when the Rams are competing every week and providing compelling entertainment!

Nonetheless, the Rams have a solid stranglehold on the #3 spot which is good enough to earn a medal. Or given that the Rams’ new stadium will be where Hollywood Park was located, they may not be winning or placing in the local TV market’s heart, but they are showing!

And showing up is one thing the Rams do every week!

Go Rams! Go LA! Go NFL football!