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Down 23, The LA Rams Asked You To Vote For Their Punter For The Pro Bowl

Johnny Hekker has punted his way into our hearts. Now, do your part and vote for him..even when the Rams are losing by three touchdowns.

San Francisco 49ers v St. Louis Rams Photo by David Welker/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams P Johnny Hekker is great. He’s a nice guy. He’s the Rams most accurate passer. But he’s a great punter. Even Bill Belichick knows it.

Hekker led the entire NFL in punts in 2015, footclobbering the football a league-high 96 times. As a result of his stellar play, he earned the opportunity to make his second trip to the Pro Bowl. It was a well-deserved reward for being the locomotive that moved the Rams downfield so efficiently.

But 12 games into this season, Hekker finds himself in a heated battle for punter supremacy with Bradley Pinion, punter for the woeful 49ers. Both have 72 punts, and are on pace to hit the 96-punt mark by season’s end. And while some may have found the play of the Rams and 49ers borderline unwatchable on Sunday, an epic punt battle was unfolding before our eyes. These two teams combined for 16 points, but also combined for 16 punts. That’s the good stuff.

There probably won’t be much chatter about one of the league’s most highly-contested battles for postseason accolades, but it’s imperative that you do your part to ensure Hekker gets the recognition he deserves; and is once again representing the Rams - and the NFC - at the Pro Bowl.

My colleague, Joe McAtee, had some inspirational words following yesterday’s loss that I think should be shared across the globe. We, as fans, cannot lose focus of what’s most important in this game.

We can do better as fans…and we need to. They need to hear you. You need to clap louder. You need to yell 'GO GUYS' at the top of your lungs, while you’re at home on your couch.

Football isn’t all about points and wins. Sometimes it’s about punts. Sometimes it’s about taking the time to make sure your priorities are yesterday when the Rams, who were down 23 points late in the game to the New England Patriots, reminded you to vote for Johnny Hekker after a 76-yard beauty:

You can make a difference. Start by putting your positive pants on.