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Week 13 Recap Reaction: Glass Half Full Yet Overflowing

The Rams battled really hard, consistent with their previous efforts.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots
Two great coaches share a moment.
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It’s #PositiveWeek here at Turf Show Times. So where should I begin with all of this positive energy after a game like this?

The Los Angeles Rams had to fly ALL the way to Boston from SoCal to take on the New England Patriots. It’s a tough journey, but I’m positive that it’s a legitimate reason to lose. While the Rams did not emerge victorious, breaking down the score by halves indicate a different story. The Rams, although outscored by the Patriots in the first half 17-0, outscored the Patriots in the second half 10-9, a true victory. Just like the reputation of our great head coach, the Rams are truly 1-1, or .500, from their experience at Foxboro.

Speaking of our great head coach, who else is giddy with the fact that he’s been locked up since BEFORE the preseason? The Rams know what they are doing, much like their great leader. It’s a blessing that of the 11 teams that haven’t made the playoffs since Jeff Fisher took over, every other team has changed coaches, except the Rams. I am just so thankful that our management from Owner Stan Kroenke to COO Kevin Demoff has made it clear that we know who are coach is, we know how our team will play, we know what kind of record we’ll end up with, and we’ll know where our offense will rank.

The Rams traversed to New England to take on the Tom Brady lead Patriots in a battle of 22-year veterans at head coach. With the Rams in town, Tom Brady was truly terrified of throwing anything deep. The Rams defense kept Brady’s YPA down to 5.8, a figure that indicates that Brady had a rough time find deep spaces against the vaunted defense lead by Aaron Donald. On the running back front, it truly didn’t matter if Jeff Fisher didn’t know their names, as the Rams held all of the runners to a 3.2 ypc average (less the one long run by Blount that’ll we’ll all forget since someone got held, probably).

Without dynamic playmaker WR Tavon Austin and stout DE Robert Quinn, the Rams had to rely on players like WR Pharoh Cooper and DE Eugene Sims to make a larger than expected impact. Bless their poor souls because the Patriots were rough and manhandled them unfairly. Rude!

The Rams worked so hard to do well, but P Johnny Hekker had to show off, averaging almost 54 yards a punt. 54 YARDS. Not only that, Hekker had more yards punting than 2.5x the output of poor rookie QB Jared Goff and the rest of the offense.

Positive week continues. Thank God for the Rams, our wonderful HC Jeff Fisher, and Winning!