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Los Angeles Rams 0, New England Patriots 17: 2nd Half Live Thread

The Rams’ hollow offense is not a capable unit. It’s showing against the well-coached Patriots.

Los Angeles Rams At New England Patriots
Los Angeles Rams At New England Patriots
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Going into today, the Los Angeles Rams had the worst offense in the NFL in yards and points. On both fronts, they’re underperforming those league-worst rates.

In the first half against the New England Patriots, that league-worst offense racked up 25 total yards. QB Jared Goff is 4/11 for 27 yards and a Lance Kendricks-caused interception. RB Todd Gurley has five rushes for 11 yards. The Rams are a woeful 0/5 on third down.

Their opponent? The opposite story. QB Tom Brady is an efficient 17/22 for 113 yards and a touchdown. RB LeGarrette Blount has 77 yards from 11 carries and a touchdown off of a 4th and 1 conversion and then some.

There’s not a ton you need to understand here. The Rams’ offense is horrible. Head Coach Jeff Fisher, who signed a two-year extension a while back though the official news just leaked today, has no clue how to improve this offense.

Enjoy the second half!