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Update: Jeff Fisher, Les Snead Have Signed Two Year Extensions

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Draft Party Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport is reporting that Jeff Fisher has officially signed a two year contract extension to continue to be the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams.

This is a helluva Sunday morning gut shot for Rams fans. Fisher is three losses away from breaking Dan Reeves’ record for having the most losses in NFL history as a coach.

Fisher has yet to post anything more than 7 wins as the coach of the Rams and it’s clear that the team has regressed this season. His stubbornness and excuses know no bounds and it has infuriated Rams fans this season.

While the official terms were not available, I find the two year contract interesting. The extension clearly shows that the Rams do not prioritize winning right now. No other coach in NFL history had gotten an extension after four years of mediocrity yet here Jeff Fisher is getting a 6th and 7th year for his efforts.

Stan Kroenke’s palatial development in Inglewood is set to open in 2019. With this extension, Fisher will be the coach through 2018. That can’t be a coincidence. While Kroenke may never prioritize winning, he is a shrewd enough businessman to realize that fans won’t fill his new stadium with a team like this.

But they’ll fill the Coliseum - which apparently is good enough.


In addition to the Fisher extension, it looks like Les Snead was extended as well. Also, it looks like despite the extension, Jeff Fisher remains on the hot seat.